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Set up retail and wholesale prices

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Can I use Loyverse POS for my retail/wholesale store? I need my items to have 2 pricing but it needs the wholesale items to share stocks to my retail items. How can I set it up? is it possible?

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Hello, Atik!

Of course it is possible! Let me guide you setting it up 😄

By using a composite item for a wholesale and retail business you need to create 2 items and let one of them a composite item. By doing so, you are allowing one of the items to share their stocks with each other. Then you can place the other composite item as the retail price while the other wholesale price.

For example:

My retail item is an apple I would sell my apples with the price of 10 each and the retail's cost per each. Then, enable the track stock for this item and set up the retail's stocks under in-stock field in the item's card


And then create a new separate item for wholesale, for you not to be confuse when selling in your POS I suggest add a small note beside the item.

After this, you need to add this retail apple as the component of the composite item and don't forget to enter the quantity of your wholesale in the quantity field, for example, in wholesale there should be 10 apples in a box so in the quantity field, you also need to enter 10pcs and set a different price for the wholesale item after entering the component's quantity, the wholesale's cost will be automatically calculated. 


After setting this up, the 2 items will share 1 stock inventory under the retail item which will be the component item. When you sell the wholesale item, the 10pcs of apple will be automatically deducted to the retail item which will be the component item of your wholesale .

If you also wish to add and track the stocks on your wholesale item(composite items), you can use our feature called production feature. However, this feature is only available for our Advanced Inventory Management subscribers. 

If you are interested with this feature, you may check this help article

How to Work with Production

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This functionality is not practical because if you have around 1000 articles you must have 2,000 articles to create in addition. Also there is a risk that the cashier will make a mistake by clicking on the wrong item even if you write a text. You also have to add images in articles which really adds weight. the best would be to add a function in the software variants. Variants must have the same stock

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Hello @Likiday!

I understand your point. However, my recommendation above is just a workaround, as we don't have such a feature at the moment. 😁

For the time being, we’ll add it to our backlog, your suggestion is forwarded to our development team. We value our customers suggestions and take them into consideration in our development plan.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know. 😉

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