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Why is there more money than the sales report indicates?


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Hello, I have this problem where the at the end of the shift, I find there is more cash than the amount shown in the sales report.

As a quick example, in the image attached it shows gross sales for 8,820.26 but after taking away the starting cash I ended up with 9,070. I'm certain that I registered every sale and didn't make anything that could modify the result. What am I missing here?


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Hello there!

Sometimes, there can be discrepancies when it comes to your Sales report and your Shift report.

When checking the shift report, please consider the following points in the Receipts report (or Sales report):

Choose the correct period to match the dates of the Shift report;

Choose the correct POS terminal;

Choose the correct Payment type

You can export receipts for the corresponding period from the Receipt report in the back office. This will make it easier for you to analyze sales and select the filters you need.

Additionally, were you connected to a stable internet connection when you were printing your Shift report? If not, it is possible that some sales were not synced in your Back Office.

I hope this helps!

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