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Changing SKU and price for some items, impact on Open tickets


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If I'll change SKU of some items and I'll import a new list of items with new SKU, how it will have an impact on open tickets? The same with changing the prices of items and impact on OPEN TICKETS. 

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Hello, Medusa!
The items that was sold with the old SKU will remain as it is in the receipt lists. 

However, just to clarify your question about the open tickets. May I ask if you mean that the items with old SKUs are saved in the open tickets and on the Back Office, you will change the items with the the new SKUs without charging the items with the old SKU in the open tickets in POS? if I understood your question, do you mean what will happen to the items with the old SKU on the open tickets? Am I correct?

Thank you in advance!

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