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Anyway for item to automatically delete itself


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I made individual items for all the custom merchandise I sell, I’ve tried setting it to track inventory to one item but it still shows up to sell. Once I’m at craft event it’s hard to go in afterwards and find exactly what sold. Was wondering if there is a way after an item sells that it will be automatically deleted so it can’t be sold again. 

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Hello, rosesonia!

Unfortunately, we don't have a feature where the items can be deleted automatically. 

However, there's a hack that I can advise to you 😁

On the item list from the Back Office, you can check the availability of the item per store.image.thumb.png.9b5fda473b2e5d3a427bad021e21193f.png

With this, you can disable the item for the specific store which you don't need to sell the specific item. 

Once this item is not available for sale, the employee will not be able to see this item and will not be able to sell the specific item without deleting the whole item. 

However, with this, you need to change this in the settings manually. 

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