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Kitchen Printout Item sequence


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How does the system recognizes the sequence the items are printed in the kitchen printer ?

I created the items by categories, first the starters, then the mains etc but on the kitchen order are printed in a very confusing way.

I put numbers in front of the item, to, at least print them by number. Still messed up on kitchen printer.

I put Letter then number then the item description, in case it prints it in alphabetical sequence. Still a problem.

Anyone knows how we can organize the kitchen printout ? 

Can we even add a line to separate the starters from the mains ?

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Hello, ConSun!

The meaning of the numbers in the order:
Example #50-001

50- is the POS number;
001- is the order number;
When the order number reaches 999, it starts again from 001.
(Also, you can reset the order numbering manually to 001 by Sign Out of the POS device).

(This order number is displayed only on a paid printed receipt (if the open ticket was not saved), on the KDS, on the printed kitchen order and on the CDS.
So, to see this number, the customer should pay for his order immediately because he will see the order number only on the paid receipt).

However, it is not possible to revise the order's numbering according to your liking and the items will be printed as how it was added from the tickets in the POS.


I hope it's clear 😇

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Thank you for the reply.

That is not what I meant. I wasnt talking about the numbers of the items, I was talking about the description of the items, so in order to group the items to be printed the way I wanted I put in front of the description "A" for starters and "M" for Mains, but still wouldnt print it alphanumerical either.

But I found a solution, 

I created on kitchen printer one printer group starters and one printer group main.

That way it prints the starters all together cuts the paper roll and then the main

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So the workaround is basically 2 tickes for 1 table if the table is ordering 2 courses (starters/appetizers & main plate/entree)- what I think we are looking for is a way to organize the kitchen printer to have 1 ticket with 1st course (then a line) 2nd course, etc. Is this possible or is it a feature not yet in development (or being considered)?

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