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Donation Item to Round Up


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We currently use the POS for our concession stand.  As part of our renovation efforts, we are always accepting donations and have started a rounding program for our customers to donate toward.  We currently have an item set-up in the POS system to add the difference between the total (including sales tax) and the nearest dollar amount, however, we have to manually calculate that amount for each sale.  Is there a way to have this round up amount automatically calculate for each sale, when we select the donation item to be added to the sale?

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Thank you Hanna. I had found this topic previously, however, this rounding adds to all cash transactions and we would only want it on transactions at the customers discretion as it is a donation option and not required. 

I did try to edit our cash payment option to change the rounding just to see how it works but I do not have access to edit the cash payment...it is grayed out and will not allow me to select the box.

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You're welcome!

May I ask if you using an employee's account to access the POS? 

If yes, then please check with the owner's account -> access rights

and check if you have access rights to accept payment 



Or is I misunderstood your question, plese let me know and give a bit more clarification on what was greyed out 😁

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