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How to export the complete information of the receipts?
If I click on a receipt, the details of the taxes appear (taxable base and percentage) but if I export the CSV only the total taxes paid appear.
How can I export all the information?


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Hello there!

If you would like to export a more detailed report of your receipts, please head on to your 'Receipts' report.


Click on the 'Export' button and choose 'Receipt by item'. 


On the exported CSV file, you should see a more detailed overview of your sales transaction.


Hope this helps!

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Hello Sam! Thanks!

The problem heres is that I have the total taxes but I dont have all the details that I have in the individual ticket (diferent taxes and separate costs of each taxes)

I need to export "base imponible" and "cuota" of each tax to present it to the tax authorities


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