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Is there a way to apply modifiers to items in bulk?


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I've created a modifier specifically for a category. It has 122 items in it.

How to apply the modifier to all 122 items in that one category in bulk? Without having to click one by one item to apply the modifier? 

Thanks in advance!!

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You can export the item list from your Back Office and then edit the CSV file to import it back.
To bulk edit the item list of CSV file, you can open that file with Excel, Google Sheets or LibreOffice.
Exporting and Importing Items
How to Export Data from Reports and Open in Excel

How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets

How to Export Data from Reports and Open in LibreOffice Calc or OpenOffice Calc

After opening the file properly as in the tutorials, you can filter or sort the column of category which you need to apply the modifier. Then Change the “N” to “Y” in the column of the modifier which you want to apply for the items with that category.


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