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Payment type in receipt report


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Thank you for your suggestion!

In the meantime, you can do this in order to see your receipts by payment type. You can export the report of receipts to your computer. Open the CSV file in Google Sheets.

Then you can go to Data--> Create a filter


Then, you can go to the column of payment type and click on the filter button:


You can then filter the receipts depending on the payment used in the sale:


 If you want to see the receipts paid only by cash, you can unselect the other options:


Click on OK and you will see only the receipts paid by cash:


I hope this workaround helps!

You can review this article on how to open reports on Google Sheets: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-open-csv-file-google-sheets

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Thank you Fernando. Now I use both extractions and I use the vlookup function.

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Hello Loyverse support team,

I'm writing to request a feature for the Shift report. Can you please add a way to see how much money we receive by payment types each day? Doing this for the past month via receipts reports takes a long time. 

Thank you.

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