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How to track Utensils in Loyverse?

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Hello, does Loyverse can track utensils or tools that is used for the business?
For example, we offer a catering service so we move many utensils in many places and we want to track the quantity of the most used or crucial utensils like plates glass forks, knives, etc and count them when we come back to our store but we do not want to these things included in the sales report or shown in the sales.
Is this possible?

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In my Restaurant I do track our utensils to control the quantity of them for each store.
I do accomplish this by treating the utensils as individual items or by creating a category specifically for "Utensils." Then, I enable the "Track stock" option and disable the "The item is available for sale in all stores" option. After that, I would enter the quantity of utensils available in each store.

Moreover, taking advantage of the advanced inventory subscription, I use the Transfer Order feature when I need to move utensils from one store to another or migrate some utensils to new store, etc, this feature automatically adjusts the stock levels among the stores so I really like it.

Additionally, the Inventory Count functionality allows me to easily check the quantity of utensils during inventory audits. Furthermore, I use the Stock Adjustment feature to record any new additions of utensils or instances of loss or damage.

By this method, I can effectively monitor my utensil inventory, update quantities as needed, and ensure that these items are not visible on the sales screen.


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