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Using QR to idenitify the client


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Hi! I have some questions regarding the loyalty program side:

1) Can we use QR to identify the client? For example we develop an app which then generates a QR code which we use for identifying?
2) Is it possible to put QR code also to the screen that's facing the client as well? And via this QR, client can open an account or see the menu etc?

3) Is it possible to sync with wordpress as well? If we have a bunch of customers there with a webshop account, can we import them to loyverse's customer base?

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1. Yes, you can set a QR code or a barcode for the customer and identify him by scanning his QR/barcode.
   Please, follow this tutorial:

How to Add the Customer to the Receipt by Scanning a Barcode

2.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to display the QR code on the Customer Display App and it is not possible for the customer to see his account.
     But, you can use the integrations from Loyverse Marketplace to let your customer see the menu of your restaurant by scanning the QR code:

Orderlina integration

BrandWallet integration

General information on how to connect apps from the Marketplace to your Loyverse account


3.  Yes, you can connect your Loyverse account to the online store through the integrations subscription. Please, follow this link:
All the details about the integrations, please clarify with the integration companies. On Loyverse Marketplace pages you can find their contacts.



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