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Cash in and out from Difference sources


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Is there any option to make different cash box where I can cash in from the customer and expense from them. Because Card payment for loyverse not work in my country . that's why I am looking for  alternative option . 

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To record card payments from your customers, please use the way described here:
Credit Card Payments without integration

If you need to track the expenses, you can use this way:

To track daily expenses, you can use a PAYOUT feature, which is a part of the Shift management option.
All the expenses, as well as Pay-ins, will be displayed in the daily shift report:



To check the expenses/pay-ins report for a certain period of time, please enter the Shift reports section in the back office, choose the needed filters in the report header, and press EXPORT (Pay ins and payouts) button:


In the exported report, you will see all pay-ins / payouts for a specific period:


If it is necessary, in the exported CSV file, you can filter the data you need to display. For example, you can choose to display the payouts only or the expenses recorded by a specific employee, and so on.



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