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Print items separately for an order


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If you have a bar or any establishment where you need to print each item separately instead of having the whole bill printed at once, you could use this workaround as a way to do it with Loyverse. 


One way I could suggest is using the category function. If you have a few items, you could create a category for each item. So each category would be a single item.

 After completing each category, you can create a printer group for each category and then assign all these printer groups to the same kitchen printer. That way, each time the item is ordered, it will be printed in a single order, because this takes advantage of the fact that each category will print separately. 

But, keep in mind that this could be possible when having a small number of items.


Another way you could achieve something similar is by using the open ticket option. 

Each time you want to print an item you do the following: 

-Add an item to the ticket

-Save the ticket as an open ticket

When you save the open ticket, an order with the item will be printed. 

-Then, for printing the next item, you can open the open ticket and add another item

-And, once again, save the open ticket for the item to be printed. 

By doing so, saving the ticket after adding an item, the system will print orders that contain only one item. All the items will be for one bill, but the system will print an order each time you add and save an item to the open ticket.

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