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How can I keep employee morale in my restaurant business when cutting hours in half?

Sofie-Sham Miller

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Many business owners today are in the same situation: they are forced to make decisions to reduce costs. This can lead to layoffs, a reduction in wages and a reduction in hours of work. Employees begin to get nervous, become depressed. Therefore, in order not to indulge in a negative atmosphere, you must prepare well for the meeting with the employees. First, you need to consider - what is the best way you can take action. Can, for example, the elimination of jobs, the best choice for your business and employees. You need to think about everything to understand that you have chosen the right solution. This is the main point in the situation when you get bad news. Keep in mind that employees probably see what's going on in your business, that few clients come and little income. Therefore, it is essential to be open and honest. You do not need to go deep into the company's financials, but you have to report that you are in a survival mode that the downturn affects the business. It is also important to give them hope. You can say that this is a difficult decision and that this will affect people's lives, but also to emphasize that because of these measures you do not expect the doors to close. If you think this is a temporary solution, send them this message. If you can specify the expected duration, then draw a clear picture of what this ultimately means for the business when it's all over. It is important that you as a leader should emphasize that employees are you all taken together. So you will help them to remain motivated and attract them to the restoration of business.
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