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Are you implementing sustainability initiatives in your retail stores?


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Do you think it is:

- too complicated

- time-consuming

and that it will distract you from your core business and running your business operations?

We know that sustainability is important to your store consumers. Your customers want to support businesses that prioritize the environment. And then become loyal fans of your store!

  • Every big retail brand in the world is moving towards sustainable options.
  • GenZ prefer only sustainable practices.
  • 9/10 shoppers say they will go back to a store that practices sustainability.

But how can you do this easily and quickly?

There are many ways you can implement small changes that helps you make a massive difference.

 1. See areas where your plastic can be replaced with sustainable packaging. For example, you can replace plastic bags with paper bags

2. Identify and partner with vendors who are using sustainable means to bring you products. For example, you can choose a vendor who operates electric cars to bring you products

3. Replace carbon generating items with sustainable options. For example, you can replace your paper receipts with Beejek app from the Loyverse app store.

Whatever ways you choose, start with tasks that does not distract you from your core operations.

And that all your sustainable practices are communicated to the end customer. They will remember you and keep coming back to your store. 

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