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How can I download reports into csv or excel formats?


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When i sell my shop and transfer the data to the new owner i would like to keep a copy for taxation if needed.  How can i save the data? I would even be happy to have a pdf copy of reports.

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You can export data in CSV format from the Loyverse account at the Back Office. You can do this for your reports, items, customers, and receipts. Also, if you have Advance Inventory, there are reports to download as CSV and various documents that you can download one by one as PDF or CSV files.

One example of how you can do this is with the report section. If you want your Sales Summary as a CSV file, go to the section "Sales Summary" in the Reports Menu at the Back Office. 
You then select the period for which you wish to export the report. If you want to export the information for the whole period, select the period from the first to the last day of your activity in Loyverse. Then, you click the ‘Export’ button and the CSV file will download. You can open this file in a google Spreadsheet, Excel or LibreOffice, etc. 

Here is a picture that shows where you can find the Export button in the Sales Summary: 


You can find more details here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/exporting-data-from-loyverse-account


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