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What qualities do you need to have to become an entrepreneur?

Sofie-Sham Miller

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1. Business focus Profit-oriented, plan for growth, clear goals, alignment with business, tight operations. Can sometimes lose sight of customers. Use timelines and yardsticks, communicate clearly, focus on human element also, read a lot. 2. Confidence Self-awareness, conviction inability to succeed, action-oriented, pro-active. Over-confidence, haste, over-commitment. Plan ahead, prepare for contingencies, get diverse feedback, avoid the speed trap 3. Creative thinker Firing off many ideas, curious, quick learner, exploratory, imaginative, alert. Difficult to work in a team, rushing off in many directions. Balance present and future, use metrics, prioritize, use simple structure, learn from failures. 4. Delegator Collaborate, recognize and draw on people’s abilities, encourage team contribution. Abdicating responsibility, communication gaps. Map processes and skills, allow employees to perform, give effective feedback. 5. Determination Persistent, eager to act, confront obstacles, not deterred by roadblocks Sticking with failing strategy, regret with failed steps Share your optimism, partner with creative types, focus on big picture, be alert to the environment. 6. Independent Resolute, faith in self, multi-tasking, responsible, multiple competencies. Burnout, difficulty in growing the team to scale the enterprise. Focus on main objective, form alliances, delegate, don’t let love for your product blind you. 7. Knowledge-seeker Anticipate and use knowledge, drive for in-depth information, known as an asset. Generating too many new ideas, too many pivots. Write and share ideas, prioritize, get outside inputs, create a clear roadmap for changes. 8. Promoter Communicator, speaks boldly, storyteller, ambassador, persuasive, enthusiastic Becoming blind to flaws, lack of objectivity. Rehearse your story, use multiple media, build a whole community of evangelists and champions. 9. Relationship-builder Mutually-beneficial links inside and outside workplace, open, socially aware, integrity. Time management, focus, lack of diversity in networks. Diversify and renew networks, reciprocity, understand the local social landscape, be selective. 10. Risk-taker Optimistic, rational decisions, charismatic, confident, will to win, can deal with complexity. Over-confidence, judgment errors, haste. Take incremental risks, cool off, map knowledge and scenarios, experiment systematically.
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