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How to import a new price list from my supplier into my already existing items?


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What to do when my supplier has changed their price list and I need to upgrade my cost (and therefore price) of the items that are already listed in my Loyverse? 

Do I really need to check each item and copy paste/change per item? Or is there a way to transfer the excel list of my supplier in an easy way to my exported files from Loyverse? I kept most of the SKU numbers the same as my supplier. 


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Hello Olympic!

You can update the item's cost from the exported file and import them Back to your Back Office manually. After this, the cost and pricing of your items will be updated accordingly. 

Also, with the help of our paid add-on -> Advanced Inventory Management, we do have a feature where you can add the supplier of your suppliers. 

If you are interested with this feature, you can check out this link: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-purchase-orders-and-suppliers


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