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Automatic counter of the modifiers for create your own meal


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Hi I have posted before about this which you can visit my posts and have a read about again but I have been having issues with customers wanting to order a meal of their head which leads me to pick any item amount but I might be wrong so I will have to go back delete the order and pick all the add-ons again. So I have myself being graduated from computer science degree could not deal with it all everything so I gone ahead and wrote the Android version of the code for you that is because I am using an Android tablet. So please bring this feature onto the Android version of app. Here is the code.

// Get the RecyclerView that displays the items

val recyclerView = findViewById<RecyclerView>(R.id.items_recyclerview)


// Get the adapter used to populate the RecyclerView

val adapter = recyclerView.adapter


// Create a variable to track the number of selected items

var selectedCount = 0


// Set a listener to track changes to the adapter

adapter.registerAdapterDataObserver(object : RecyclerView.AdapterDataObserver() {

    override fun onItemRangeChanged(positionStart: Int, itemCount: Int) {

        // Loop through each item in the adapter

        for (i in positionStart until positionStart + itemCount) {

            // Check if the item is selected

            if (adapter.isSelected(i)) {

                // Increment the selected count


            } else {

                // Decrement the selected count







// Create an extension function to check if an item is selected

fun RecyclerView.Adapter<*>.isSelected(position: Int): Boolean {

    val item = getItem(position)

    // Check if the item is selected

    return item.isSelected



Simple as that. 😄

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