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Linking to a home page with report starting/ending at 6am?


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I know the url can contain search filters, like specific dates and times. But how can I make a link that will show me to the current date? For example the sales report of last 3 months until this date, with days reset at 6am? 


Change my default filters in r.loyverse.com/home to show the days starting/ending at 6am instead of midnight?

The reason is I want to make my home page to show a recent report. But my bar is open late so resetting each day at midnight doesn't really work.



I managed to get the time period to change with the link, and still show the current date by simply deleting the date information from the url. But it only seems to want to show the last 30 days, does anyone know how to change this to the last 90 days? 

this is what I got so far (changing 30d to 90d doesn't work):


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Hello there,

It is not possible to automatically filter your sales report automatically to more than 90 days as in the Back Office when you try to manually filter your reports, you can only go up to 30 days.

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