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How to add 'Add on' in items


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Hi. Im running a small food stall. The food im selling is an asian cuisine. So we add lots of component in 1 dish. Some customer don't want particular component, some want extra. So, where can i put an Add On list to a specific menu? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Elena!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add or remove a component from a composite item while adding it to the ticket. You can only add or remove the components of the composite from the item's card. However, as a workaround suggestion to add item add-ons you can create a modifier option and track the sales from the sales by modifiers report fron the Back office. 

Just in case you're not aware with this modifier feature can check this help article on how to add/configure them to your items: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-and-apply-modifiers

Or as another workaround, I can suggest adding these extra informations as a comment/note of the items but please note that by this workaround, these add-ons or component removal can not be track stocks or be record on some report from the Back Office. But these informations will remain at the receipt when you charge it and you can check the comments manually from the receipt section. 

Check out this help article on how to add comments/note to the receipt: https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-info-receipt=MdhIe


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