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How to set up multiple prices under 1 item


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With my business, I sell items to individuals as well as businesses. The prices are not the same depending on who I sell to. I would like to know if it is possible to create two different price profiles for the same product in the app.

Is this page for that? If so, how can I add items?



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Hello Helene!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create 2 prices for 1 item but as a workaround, I suggest creating the 2nd price as a composite item and in this case the items can have different prices but can still share the same stocks, you can be able to add the first item as the component on the 2nd item (composite item).

For example:

In this item (Noodles) I set the price to 10 and activated the "track stock" option below.image.png?expires=1660139820&signature=9

In the inventory section, I set the stocks to 2pcs in each store.image.png?expires=1660139820&signature=f

Then, create another 2nd item that has different pricing then add this Noodle as its component.image.png?expires=1660139820&signature=0

After this item is created from the Back office, then sell it on the POS, the stocks of the noodles will be deducted, in this case, the 2 items shared the same stock inventory but with different pricing and SKU.



Also, as another workaround, if you want your items to have different pricing in each sale, I can suggest leaving the price blank and indicate the prices on the POS sales screen.

For example:image.png


Then, to sort out these items you can arrange/customize it by page with certain items on it. Please check our help article about this to know the detailed steps to arrange/ sort out your POS screen tabs: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-arrange-sale-screen-loyverse

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