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Is it possible to make an editable input price that would be deducted to the total amt?


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Hi. We are currently having problems regarding the tax and discounts. We made the “tax” as Service Charge. So, whenever we apply discounts, it would also deduct the tax (which it should not) 

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If using the tax as another way in dealing with service charge is not cutting out for you, then might I suggest the following especially if you calculate it by percentage and not an amount:

For now, as an alternative way for the percentage tips or service charge you can use this:

What we are going to do is to take leverage of the "Sold by weight" functionality that allows us to calculate the price for an item based on how much it weights, and use it to calculate the surcharge that we want to apply.

Let's say you want to add a surcharge of 5% from the total amount. What we will do is to create a new item, call it "surcharge" and select "sold by weight". In the price field we enter 0.05, and save the item.

Now, everytime you make a new sale, you can add this item to the ticket, and when the app requests to enter a quantity amount you add the sales total. The result is that the app will calculate the 5% of such total as the price of the "surcharge" item and add the item to the ticket. So you will get a new sales total.

This is some examples of how a receipt would look like:


In each case, the 5% was calculated correctly.

And in this way, you can actually be able to segregate and not apply discount to this surcharge or service charge by clicking on this item while it is in the Ticket Section of your POS App and disabling the discounts like in this example below: image.thumb.png.8d6ac93a8fe8b6628574afcbd139e57c.png



However, I do would like to point out that this toggle on or off feature of discounts only works with percentage discounts as they can also be applied individually per items. If you are going to use Amount Discounts, then they will be applied to the whole ticket regardless. 

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