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Fast method to add loyality points


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Hello, my nightclub works adding fidelity points at every customer enters on each table. For this reason i need a fast method to add fidelity points (instead to enter them manually doing calculations) there is a method that can help me with my job? I would really appreciate that

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You can try to use Loyverse loyalty system that allows to earn loyalty points for a customer, when you add him to the receipt.
Please, check these tutorials:

How to Set Up a Customer Loyalty Program

How to Redeem Customer Points for a Discount


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Hello Georg and thank you for the answer,

unluckily i can't apply the method you suggest just because the recepeit of the ticket is not managed by loyverse app. Loyverse is only used for the bar and not for the entrance. I was thinking about creating an app using the API you provide. Do you think it could be possible? Creating an external app that could easily update loyality points realtime, linked to loyverse?

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Hello, Lorenzo

I am not sure if you will be able to create an app using current Loyverse API, but you can try:

Also, you can contact the CONNECTORS integration companies from Loyverse Marketplace. They might propose you the integrations between your Loyverse account and the other software, which will suit your needs. Please, try: https://loyverse.com/marketplace

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