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Why Loyverse choose *.csv for data file?


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I nearly succeeded to import a lot of items, but there occurs a mysterious problem:

First of all I noticed, that you can import with a reduced choice of fields, i.e. the CSV-file has only to contain the main fields:

 Handle;SKU;Name;Default price;Cost;Barcode;Tax - "Mindersteuer" (7%);Tax - "Vollsteuer" (19%)first file 

That worked fine, the header determines the selected target fields. I only wondered why the separator is determined by the sample export as an semicolon instead of a comma. Nothing to worry, got imported nevertheless, I simply changed the commas before importing into semicolons.

For testing reasons I constructed in my text-editor a second file containing only one item, with the same header and the same separator. This file is refused with the announcement "Please load a CSV-File" (in German of course).

To find out the mistake I pasted the header and the single item at the top of the former (succeeding) file and imported that one again. And: in fact the single added item was imported with success.

I have no idea, what the difference is between the two files.

I will remark in another topic my problem with mutated vowels. Maybe the code of the file saved with a text-editor is different from the one created by a spreadsheet. Who knows...

Oh, I cannot attach my CSV-Samples...

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The file will contain the main fields only by default, if you would like the other fields to appear (i.e modifiers, variants) you will need create them and add them to a test item and then export your file.

The 2nd issue you are facing is not very clear to me, did you try changing the format of the file? because our system only accepts CSV files (the file must end with .csv), other file formats cannot be imported to the back office 

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Hello, dear user

CSV is a very popular file format that is used heavily for data storage and manipulation tasks.
This is the go-to format for many business operations. 

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