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Bugreport: production mode cannot handle non 1 piece / 1 kg / 1 l


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The problem is the following:

- Sauce » composite item in production mode

- Dish » composite item which contains sauce


If the sauce recipe is making 0,7 kg of sauce, it is not possible to reference it in Dish because if you put 0,1 sauce in the dish, the cost calculation will be done with 0,1x1 kg not 0,1x0,7.

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How much is the cost of the sauce or how much should it be and what is the exact cost that you are expecting? 

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In my case, I am also making sauces in smaller amounts but I have calculated the recipe to make 1kg recipe in the item settings.

Then in production window, I specify the amount that I make at a time. In my case around 0.6kg

Seems to work well for me so far.

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Thank you for you answer Sir, but you misunderstood the bug report. I’m saying it doesn’t work with non 1 kg recipes.

If it doesn’t work with non 1kg recipes, it should not allow the user to save a recipe with a non 1kg sum of ingredients. This is a use case where the software doesn’t have the expected result and doesn’t give any indication about it. Therefore it is a bug. I see you have a workaround and i appriciate your help, i’m doing the same but this is still a bug.

In the aspect of implementation, this is a very easy issue the production mode just proportionate with the amount as a multiplier.

Like in other functions (adding purchases) a problems can be overcome with excessive manual calculations. But this is not why we try to use software.

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