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Is there any way to edit the item's cost of good info after it sold and recorded in the receipt?


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I've been rushing to open the store while I didn't list the cost of goods to all the product. I only list out the product's name and the price. Is there any way to go back an add that information? It's been a crazy month starting my first business. So, I want to see the correct summary sales.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply the cost of the items to the previos sales (I will send such an idea to our team).
The only way, is to cancel all these receipts manually one by one and create new receipts for the old dates:

How to Cancel Receipts in Loyverse Back Office

To enter sales with previous dates, please follow the guide below:

Make sure you're in online mode, then Log out of the app.

Change the time and date settings on your device (to enter sales from the 25th of August, change to 25/08).

After doing this, log in again and you can enter sales for the specified days.

Then log out from the app again and change back the date and time on your device.

Finally, log in to the app for the last time and continue enjoying Loyverse.

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Hi Georg,

That's brilliant idea to cancel the receipts and create a new one. I only thought to write it down and calculate it myself. Luckily, it'd been only 2 weeks of sales without cost of goods, then it will not be much work around it. In the beginning, I thought that if I put a cost of goods later, it will be updated to the past sales automatically, but it's not. Are there any reasons that it shouldn't be edited or automatically update?

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