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How do I order sales from high to low, not alphabetically?


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When i show report for sales by itime, it order items alfalphabetically as u can see👇, how i can order it frome highe to low by itimes that have been sold or by net sales? 


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Hello, currently, it seems impossible to change the order of items according to the number of "items sold" or "Net sales" in the Backoffice

However, it is possible to see it by using Google spreadsheet as a workaround.

1. Please export the "sales by item report", and import it to the Google spreadsheet.



 2. Please click the "item sold" cell and click the image of the filter on the right side as shown in the screenshot.

After that, you can see the filter image on every title on the first line.



3. Please choose the title that you want to change the order and click the filter image next to the title.

If you select "Sort A->Z", the order will be from the lowest number to the highest number.

If you select "SortZ->A", the order will be from the highest one to the lowest one.


I hope it can help you.




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