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Can I change the items order on the POS screen?

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Hi, I had the same issue with my coffee small, medium, large. Large was allway first. I figured if I type in e.g Flat White 5xspace and then "small", next entry Flat White 4xspace "medium", Flat White 3xspace "large", it will come up in order small, medium, large
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I place a two digit decimal in front of each item name. E.g. 0.0 Coffee 0.1 Tea 1.0 Hot Dog 1.2 Hamburger.  If I ever have to insert a product between two others I simply use a decimal number that is in between the current numbers of the two items.  E.g.  If I want to place "Sandwich" between Hot Dog and Hamburger - I enter "1.1 Sandwich".  

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