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How can I activate decimals in my POS and receipts?


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I enter my items with decimals, for example: S/16.50 and apparently it's fine, but at the POS it shows S/16 and on the receipt too. I lose S/0.50

This is what it looks like in the backoffice:

This is what it looks like on the POS:

In the same way with discounts with percentages, round the amounts. A product of 13, with a 20% discount should be sold at 10.40, but it is only 10, so I lose 0.40.

Please help! thanks

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In the device you have installed your POS App, I would suggest clicking on the three dotted button in the sales screen of your POS App and click on the Sync Button in order to sync up any changes from the Back Office to the POS App. If syncing does not work, I suggest that you can either close the app and then re-open it again or sign out of it and then sign back in again by following this guide from our help center: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-exit-loyverse-pos

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