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Vat on discount


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I have an issue on my LOYVERSE


I have my products uploaded on Loyverse


I give 5% discount on certain products


However the VAT amount is being calculated on the discounted amount


Our VAT is charged before discount


For examples


I sell the following products :


800 cards @ Rs 43.48 Total 34784

800 cards @ Rs 86.96 Total 69568

Total Rs 104352

Discount is 5% on both products (5% x Rs 104352) = Rs 5217.60

Vat is calculated at the rate of 15% before discount= 15%x Rs 104352 =rs 15652.80

Total = Rs 104352-Rs 5217.60+15652.80 = Rs 114787.20


On Loyverse


It is taking the VAT element on

15% (104352-5217.60) = Rs 14870.16 which is wrong as our VAT is calculated before discount then the discount is deducted


Please help me out




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I am afraid there's no issue in your Loyverse and that this is just how Loyverse calculates the amounts that have the discount and taxes included. But I would be glad to send this over to our technical team as a feature suggestion. Though we cannot guarantee you that this kind of feature can be implemented immediately or anytime soon, if other users request for such feature then we might consider adding it onto the future.

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