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How can I synchronize two or more tablet pos' simultaneously?


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I am running small retail shop In South Korea.

In this country, I should use IOS tablet or phone to connect credit card payment service.

And I should use android tablet or phone to use 'any' scanners. (IOS limits only several scanners that are not familiar in Korea.)

So I cannot use any scanner with credit card payment service in ONE POS.

Here's my question.

Is there any way I can use two pos tablets or phones in one account and synchronize them simultaneously?

I want to connect my scanner to android pos, and do credit card payment on iPad.

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It is possible to use 2 devices simultaneously together. However, it might not be as what you expect. To explain, items entered in the ticket, unless saved and turned into an open ticket will not get synced to other devices. So, even if you scanned the following items onto your Android Device POS App, the scanned items will not appear in the iOS Device for you to pay up as credit card payment. But as a workaround, what you can do is that you can save that ticket and turn it into an open ticket. 

In Loyverse, we have a feature called Open Ticket Synchronization where the tickets saved from one device will be synched up throughout all device that are under the same store assigned to them. So with this feature, you can scan the items from your Android Device, save and turn the ticket to an Open Ticket then through the Open Ticket Sync feature, you can be able to see and open the Open Tickets that were saved from Android Device to the IOS Device where you can now proceed to charge it as credit card payment.

For more information about this Open Ticket Sync feature, please see this link from our help center provided: https://help.loyverse.com/help/tickets-synchronizations

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Thank you Shinji.

Actually I am now using my pos exactly as you explained.

There are too many steps to make one payment.

Anyway now I have to go ask another questions like 'why android CDS cannot use dark mode?, why android POS cannot use credit card payment?'

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