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Setting up Pints


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In our bar we have Carling lager which comes in barrels with 88 pints.

We sell Carling in half pints, pints and 5 pint jugs.

I have the main item as Carling but the ony way I have managed to get half, pint and jug is as 3 separate tiles in my draught section is there another way as this takes up a lot of space.

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What I can suggest is that you can use the Variants feature to be able to create a selection within the item this way, you can lessen the tiles of the item to only 1 and choose which one to go. However, the caveat in  doing this is that the variants feature allows items to have their own separate  stocks and will not come from the same stock therefore, you'll have to either pre-"count" the stocks of each of these variants in order for them to equal to the main item's stocks if this makes sense or others.

In any case, I believe what you are currently doing would be the most effective way in dealing with items that comes in to your store as 1 big stock and later when being sold gets deducted depending on the sizes of drinks a customer orders. 

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