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I am trying to look for a POS system where inventory management is needed


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Good Day,

I am trying to look for a POS system where inventory management is needed. I am currently using excel and tracking became hard. 

1. Can I register two same items, with 2 different prices bought at different times? Example: I have two size 9 slippers, one was bought at 50, second one bought at 75..

2. Wont there be a conflict since other POS system require a unique name for each item?

3.  Is there a cost vs profit report? Example. January=Cost of goods sold is 10000, Price of sold goods is 15000. Profit of 5000


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Here are the following answers to your questions:

1.) Technically, you can. You can simply create 2 separate items with the same name but different prices. You can also use the variant feature of Loyverse that allows users to create variation of an item e.g. clothes with different colors and sizes. Please see this guide from our Help Center that talks about this: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-use-variants-items

2.) The system uses and recognizes each items via the SKU they have. Not the items name and so, you can create 2 items with exactly the same name. 

3.) While it is not as exactly as what you'd expect, we do have the Sales by Item report which shows users the cost of goods sold within a certain duration and the Gross Profit of each item as well that you can see to make the comparison. 

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