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Modifyers/Variants for options with tracking stock


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I have been reading and trying quite a bit about this issue but I cannot solve the problem.


I am running a coffee take away with loyverse. so far everything is perfect, but when it comes to stock management, I have a big problem:



We are selling a café latte

the options are small, medium and large (different cups should be booked in the system)

Type of milk (stock should be taken off the milk the customer chooses, for example 0,3L of oat milk in a medium latte)

Topping such as syrup, adding 0,50€ to the bill and also tracking stock of this ingredient(for example: 0,015L of syrup)

There should be a "no cup" option, for my staff or customers that bring their cup, it also needs to be reflected in stock that there was no cup used)


Those are just a couple of the options, but I think they all have the same problem


If I activate composite article, I cannot add variants. If I add variants, I cannot control the stock with those.


It would be awesome if anybody has a solution for this. Thanks 🙂

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For all of this, you can use or utilize the Modifier feature. Though this feature lacks the ability to track its stocks, what I can suggest instead is that you can use the Sales Report by Modifier in your  Back Office and check the quantity it has sold. This way, you can track the stock of the following albeit manually and not automatically from the system. This way, you can still continue to use the Composite item feature. 

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