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I need 4 different prices for each item is it possible ?


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I m selling to different groups ... retail ... distributors ....

I need 4 different prices for each article .. is it possible ?

For the moment I created 4 categories .. and all the articles in one of them ... but with this method the stock management is not correct



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What I can suggest is that you can utilize the Composite item for this. Say you have Item A for example, as the item that needs to have 4 different pricings. You can create Item A as your component or the item that will have stocks then set the price. Then you can create three more items and make them as composite items B, Item C, and Item D with the 3 other prices you want to set their prices to. After that, those three composite items you have created, set their components as the Item A and its quantity as well that way you'll have 4 items with different prices and they will all share the same stock which makes things correct. 

Once again, here are the steps to follow:
1.) Create Item A
2.) Create Items B, C, and D and make them as Composite Items
3.) Place Item A as the component of Items B, C, and D
4.) Set Quantity
5.) Set their prices individually>

To get an idea as well as to how Composite items work in detail, you can check out this link from our Help Center that talks about Composite items: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item

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