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Modifier - way they are printing.


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Hi , 


I have noticed that my modifiers are printing in a different order to the way they are set. They seem to be printing in alphabetical order.
is there anyway to change this?

I have setup the modifiers in my preferred way but still not change it. 

Going by the order I have setup the modifiers the receipt should be :

Salad Roll/Sandwich 
1 × 0.00
+White Bread Sandwich
+No Jalapeños
+Salad Cream

but as the picture shows it is printing in a different order. 

Thanks in advance 🙂


Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 23.52.13.png

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 23.53.05.png


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Hi there!

That is how the system works and displays the modifiers and there are no available feature that enables you to change the order of this I am afraid.

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I have searched the site and other people are asking for the tickets to be put in alphabetical order but they are being advised that it is not possible so I am rather confused by your answer. 

So do the tickets print in alphabetical or not? Mines are others aren't. 

We have a separate cafe with the same system but the tickets there print in the order they are set not in alphabetical

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In regards to your question which is that you want it to be specifically going by the order you have setup the modifiers, I am afraid such feature is not possible like I mentioned already previously. These Modifiers and modifiers only will be in alphabetical order in a ticket just like how it shows in your POS App but the items in the ticket is not in Alphabetical order. Now, based on what you said, it is true that the ticket where the items are and not the modifiers are not in alphabetical order and is not possible to do so as we do not have such feature. 

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