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Rounding off the o.o1 -0.09cents for credit card payment


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Dear Sir/Mdm, Just tofind out why there isn't any option to set the cents rounding for card payment ?  also the printed receipt should show the after rounding off to the correct amount on the Total amount payable and not the amount beforethe  rounding off to either from 0.01-0.49=0.50cent ...cents for exampleReceipt showing $74.39 but the rounding off -0.09 and receipt not showing $74.30 ? Kindly advise? Thank!


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I am afraid there is no option to set rounding for card payments. You can only do cash rounding through cash payment type.

The Cash Rounding will show in a receipt after the total amount of the purchase as shown in the picture provided to notify the customer that a round off of this amount has been made in their payment: 

If you want to be able to set your rounding off to that number as specifically stated by your example, then what I can suggest is that in your rounding interval, set it to 0.10 then in its rounding rule, set the rule to "Always Round Down". That way, values from 0.01 to 0.09 will always round to 0.00.


That way, if you round off $74.39, it will become $74.30.

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