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How to effectively do an exchange in Loyverse POS

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Hello,  i know the system allows for refund but what if you have a situation where a customer buys and item and brings it back for an exchange for another item. My store does not issue refund, rather we offer exchange for items. Normally i would refund the item brought by the customer and then issue them a refund credit which is then applied towards the new transaction.  but here is the problem. 

when i issue a refund in LOYVERSE, the system automatically deducts the refund amount from the daily transaction total. 

Now if the customer gets an exchange item of equal value as the returned item and uses the refund credit to pay for it, the system reads this a transaction with zero payment because the entire refund credit is used to pay for this. 

the system is therefore showing 2 deductions, one for the refund and second for the store credit purchase.  In typical sense the customer should pay for the exchange item to make the amount accountable in the sales system but since it is a refund, it complicated the process. i need some clarification. not sure if i explained this well. 


thanks in advance

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Hello there! Unfortunately, there is no easier way to deal with in regards to exchanging items in Loyverse for another item. You can do a partial refund for that receipt of the customer and select one of the items that the customer would want to return to and replace it with another item. When the customer then decides on the item that they are going to replace the returned item, you can either do a transaction of it and then you can use an amount discount to manually input the "refund credit" of the customer from the returned item and then it will deduct the transaction to zero if it is indeed an equal amount with the last item that the customer bought. 

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