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Apart from variants and modifiers, are there other functions that can simplify the ordering process when there are multiple ice cream flavors to choose from?


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I own a gelato shop and I am using Loyverse for ordering and reporting.

My shop offers 24 flavors of gelato, and there's choices of single scoop, double scoop and triple scoop.

The customers can order different flavors when they are ordering 2/3 scoops. Variants should be the feature to cater this kind of choices. However, the multiplier is too big to address my need. Also, if I use the max number of variants (200), which will be really difficult to find the item we want in the interface.

So, now I'm using modifiers to address my need, it's ok, but still very difficult for day to day operation.

There's no image can be applied to variants or modifiers, we have to scroll down from the first scoop to the third scoop to choose 3 flavors from the 72 options, which is really time-consuming and annoying. Not to mention that the order of the variants of each item is not synchronized.. Adding numbers to each variant just for ordering is not helpful at all. When we want to find a flavor, we would think of the first letter of the flavor instead of a number.

I am using this system for 6 of my shops, and I want to keep using it. But it is really difficult for operation. I hope someone can help me on that.











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Hi Kim, 

I am pretty new to Loyverse myself but i am eager to learn more and try new things

have you given any thought to making to flavors the product and adding 1 scoop, 2 scoops, 3 scoops, or mix as the modifier?

That would allow you to add the picture for each flavor.

With the mix flavor you may have to just have them tell the attendant which mix they want.


just a thought

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Hi NB,

Thanks for your advice.

Making flavors to product just allow us to see the flavors' image for the first screen, but it cannot help for picking the 2nd or 3rd. The biggest issue is with the modifier screen.

If only put 1 scoop, 2 scoops and 3 scoops to the modifier, that's easy to pick. But what I want is to so all flavors, so that I can run a report and understand which flavors we sold the most or least.

But thank you for your advice anyway, I have thought about it but it cannot solve the problem ultimately. 😞




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Hi Kim, 

This is a feature request that a lot of us have been asking Loyverse to add, particularly quantity modifiers and multiple selection on modifiers.

For example, if some one is asking for 2 x chocolate and 1 x vanilla, it only shows 1 list and you can select both chocolate and vanilla with the correct quantity without a very long scroll screen. This is an issue that we also have in our sandwich shop and an issue that is prevalent accross the F&B community using Loyverse. 

We sincerely hope that the Dev team will look at it as one of their top priorities in 2021. Until then, it's a problem that a lot of us face!

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Agreed. Same issue as the OP. It would be ideal if we could select double or triple scoop, and check the boxes for the flavors ordered. This would allow us to track the sales of the individual flavours. 

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