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Half rations / Half Sandwiches

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  • I have a little tapas spanish restaurant and I'm going to start using loyverse.
  • I have a menu of sandwiches and there is the possibility of ordering only half a sandwich.
  • I had thought to create a product with the name "sandwich" and with the modifiers to add the name of the sandwich: Bacon, Frankfurt, ham, cheese. But also add the possibility of ordering half a sandwich with half the price of the original. 


I also have a menu for lunch with different options of first dishes and second dishes but with the same final menu price:

  • What way do you recommend me to do this?


Thanks in advance!🤗😊

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On 9/28/2020 at 10:18 AM, Amirah said:


Yes, modifiers would be good for the different types of sandwiches you have 

For ordering half a sandwich you can sell that item by weight, and then on the time of sale either sale 1 or 0.5 of it. Please see the below link on how to set it up 

How to Sell Items by Weight

there is no quantity attached to each modifier.... what if we need to sell in 3 portions? and we can choose 2 of the same kind? and we have 5 modifiers to choose and we want to limit to 3 max?

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I am afraid that at the moment a modifier can only be chosen once for each item during sale and there is no option to limit how many modifiers are applied to an item 

A way around, for choosing a modifier several times, could be to have several options for the same modifier, for example "1 Frankfurt" and "2 Frankfurt" and "3 Frankfurt" then other modifiers as "1 Cheese", "2 Cheese" and "3 Cheese"  where the numbers indicate the quantity the customer is ordering 

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