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How many levels is possible to make while creating a composite item consisting of other composite items?


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The tutorial  How to Create a Composite Item states: 

The maximum nesting level for composite items is 3. If an item already has a third nesting level, it is not displayed in the drop-down list when searching for components.

What are the nesting levels of composite items?

Let say there is an Item 1.

If Item 1 is the component of Item 2 - 1st nesting level, then
if Item 2 is the component of Item 3, - 2nd nesting level, then
if Item 3 is the component of Item 4, - 3rd nesting level

If you cannot find some items when trying to add it as a component, please check two different cases.

1) The ingredient has already three levels of components

Suppose you create item 1 and then make it a component of item 2. Then you make item 2 a component of item 3. And finally, you make item 3 a component of item 4. Now you have reached the 3-d level. 

When you try to add item 4 to item 5, the restriction on three nested levels manifests itself as the fact that you will not see item 4 in the list.


2) A composite item is already an ingredient of another item

Let's say you have a composite item 3, with the second nesting level. It consists of item 2, which includes item 1. And you have item 4, that is already the component of item 5, so they have one more nesting level. And you try to add item 3 as a component of item 4. 

It is not possible because this action will create a 4th nesting level. And you will not see item 3 in the list.



How to check the levels of composite items

If you cannot find some items when trying to add it as a component, it is better to start checking the component items' nesting levels. You can open each component from the Back office items list and inspect each item and its components. In case if you can see only one-two nesting levels of those items, you can check the nesting levels of the composite item. It is better to do in the exported file.


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