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Custom Payments integration



Hi, I'd like to integrate Loyverse in a club that allow members to preload money in their accounts and pay/top-up using a magnetic card but can't figure out how to integrate it with Loyverse.
Is there any SDK or built-in way to integrate custom payment solutions?
If not possible yet, I was thinking it'd be great if Loyverse could provide a generic payment provider that is open enough to integrate 3rd party payments easily.
For example Loyverse could allow adding a custom payment provider where the administrator can preconfigure a template URL and then Loyverse could add the transaction information as query parameters (transaction ID, amount, customer, auth token) and wait for a callback when transaction is done by third-party solution.

Please let me know if it's possible to integrate 3rd party payments and if not if there are plans to integrate a generic solution.

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Hi! At the moment Loyverse doesn't not have such plans. We are working on the API, which will allows different integrations. But we are not sure regarding integrations with payment systems. Could you please clarify, which payment system you would like to integrate with Loyverse?

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