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Buy item in boxes, sell item separately ?

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Is there an easy way to deal with this...?

For example...  Buy of box of 12 widgets for 1195 and sell 120 each.   

I added the widgetbox as one item and the widget as another.  I set the widgetbox as a composite item of the widget, but I can only price the widget box by pricing the widget first.   So as the widget cost is actually 99.58333333 each, but 99.58 each on the stock order, the purchase order comes at 1149.96 and does match the bank payment of 1200.00    I put the  0,04 through as an Additional Cost adj.

Is there a better way to do this?

How do I successfully track the stock?     If I follow the widget it doesn't tell me how many boxes to buy.

All advices most appreciated, spent a bit too long thinking about this..


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Looks like the difference is cause by the rounding of 99.58333333

I am afraid that at the moment, Loyverse supports only 2 decimal points so it will always round to 99.58

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Hi Amirah.   Thanks for the reply, but I'm trying to put the cost through as a widget box and sell as septette widgets.

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Have you considered making the widget item composed of the widget box? One widget can be considered as composed of 0.08 of the widget box (1/12)

With that the widget cost will depend on the widget box. 

However, in this case it will not be 100% accurate as the 0.08 is rounded from 0.083333333333~ 

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