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Date of birth on customers profile and customers birthday notifications


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Please is it possible that we have the option of adding date of birth to our customer profiles. This would aid us in providing better customer service to our customers.


I would also like to request if we can get notifications of the customers birthdays so we can leave them a message.


Thank you.


Owner, Crest Karaoke Bar.

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Hello, dear owner of the Crest Karaoke Bar

Thank you very much for your suggestions!
It will be forwarded to our development team. And I hope these features will be added in future updates of the Loyverse POS App.

At the moment you can add customer's birthday information only to the notes of the customer's profile:


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1 Year and 7 months has passed. And so I wonder have the Loyverse Team been at work on adding customer birthday feature yet?

Loyverse can't stay being basic forever, they need a better CRM system (Customer Relationship Management).

Not being to recognize the customer's birthday is a big skip on creating a good POS system.

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