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Variable composition

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Let's take the example of an omelette which has the menu option of 2, 3 or 4 toppings (each having a different price).  These toppings can be selected from a list of, lets say, 10 items.

The problem is that each of the 10 ingredients has a different cost and potentially a different selling price as well.  In Loyverse, the cost price, margin, gross profit is not calculated correctly and the ingredients are not handled adequately using either variants or modifiers.  Surely I am not the only person having the problem.
Question:  Is there a workaround or are Loyverse addressing this very basic need.

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If they are ingredients only and not options, then we highly recommend using the composite items options as shown in the below link

How to Create a Composite Item

However, if they are options with different prices and will more than one option will be selected to the same item, then we recommend using modifiers.

As a way around, you can add each toppings as a separate item with its own cost and pricing, then add them all under the category "toppings" for example, and in the POS while making sales you can view that category and add the toppings items to the sale accordingly. 


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Adding toppings as an option will only work if the customer orders 1 pizzar.

What if the customer order multiple pizzas, how can you tell what toppings is for which pizza if the toppings is under a category?

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Hello PizzaCreamTT!

Can I ask if have you already tried using modifiers?

As a workaround on this, you can use the composite items for the main ingredients of your pizza and since it is not possible to use variants with composite item, you can instead use the modifiers if you have multiple toppings.

Please let me know if this will work on your case :))

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