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Bar codes from weighed items.

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Hi everyone, first post here. I'm just setting up Loyverse for my cheese shop, all going well so far. But my scales that weigh cut pieces of cheese prints labels with the cheese name, weight, price with a bar code. Does anyone know how I can ensure that bar code (with different weights and prices each time) will "connect" to the named cheese on Loyverse? I've added the cheese name, category and cost price but haven't yet assigned a barcode yet. I'm working remotely right now and won't be at the shop for a few days to experiment, but thought I would check here before I waste too much time adding too many cheese details into this system. Thanks!

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Hello there!

If you have the cheese added to your items list with its barcode, then you can simply scan the barcode on your POS and have the item added there. However, please note that at the moment we do not have the option to input the price and weight directly from the barcode, it will only insert the item by default as one with a certain price.

But you can still leave the price empty and enter it manually as well as sell the item by weight

I would recommend having a look at the below links for more information 

How to Add Barcodes to Items

Barcodes Scanning by Built-in Device Camera

Hardware (to know more about barcode scanners)

How to Sell Items by Weight

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Hi again Amirah. We're up and running now and one more question. Unfortunately our scales only prints a barcode with price included. My IT guy is asking can we truncate or ignore the last 6 digits on the barcode that we enter into Loyverse? And only for certain items eg cheese we sell by weight. Thanks!

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