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Modifiers - idea for improvement


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Good morning,

first of all I must tell you that I use the modifier and it works good. As example I will tell you the following:

Product                                price 12 oz                             price 16 oz                             price 22 oz

Milk tea any kind                    47 PHP                                  57 PHP                                    67 PHP

                                                 costs                                       costs                                          costs

                                                25 PHP                                     30 PHP                                      37 PHP

The prolem is that I can put the higher price in the modifier + 10 PHP or +20 PHP but the higher costs per unit I cannot add. It is allways 25 PHP, so the margin is not correct.

I think that the effort of this change could not be very high.




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On 6/15/2020 at 5:54 PM, Amirah said:

Thats a good point, unfortnately, it is not always possible as you can only add one variant per item (my customer wants a salad with extra Parmesan, Chicken and tomatoes, if I use the variant I can only add one).

Being able to cost the variants would be great...


Yes, with modifiers it is not possible to track the cost 

I would recommend using variants instead as it has the option to add cost and even track the stock 



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I am also just looking for the same thing. In my take away café I have a modifyer "oat milk" and since hte oat milk is twice the price of regular milk, I can not see any solution at the moment to have the margin adjusted to the modifier. Let´s say my standard alculation is with milk, but if I add oat milk, it should also add like 0,20€ more to my cost of good. this would be very very good to have!

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I had the same question and i am glad to see that I’m not the only one.

We sell Crêpes and have for example banana, cherries and chocolate sauce. Modifiers are great for this purpose because you can choose chocolate only, chocolate and Banana or for example chocolate and cherries without having a very complicated and over loaded article view with too many options. The big disadvantage is, that one can not set individual costs for the modifiers.

It would be great if this function could be integrated in loyverse POS.

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