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How can I make a report by type of payment in the Receipts section of the Back office?

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    • By Zad
      Can your app print middle east languages like arabic and hebrew?
      maybe this depends on the printer type?
    • By andres
      ‘Open tickets’ allow you to create, edit, and save an order, before completing a sale. This feature is usually used in cafes and restaurants, where the order and payment may be separate over an extended period of time.

    • By Assa-Manado
      Excuse me if my questions are stupid, sorry my Englisch is very bad.
      I think I understand that I can make all my items/products in the Back Office (Laptop) and then synchronize to my app to my Android smartphone?
      But how did I do that?
      Nice regards Assa
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      If we have multiple stores under the same account, when we activate ‘Predefined open tickets’ feature, will it automatically be activated in all stores?
       Can we have different set of predefined open tickets for each store or we will have the same list of predefined open tickets for all stores?
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      I have several stores under my account. I want to use a different logo in the receipts of each store. Can I do this?

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