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What about mutated vowels?


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In the German language  you have a lot of mutated vowels. If they apear in the HANDLE-field, they are replaced by different characters depending on the loyverse character-set. So far, so good.

But if I import the same items again because of some changed details (price, barcode ... NOT the HANDLE and SKU!), the items with mutated vowels are refused because of changes in the HANDLE-Field within the same item/SKU.

It seems to me that loyverse fixes the mutated vowels in a certain character-set, whereas the import-file still refers to another set.

What would you recommend to do?

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Could you please try the below steps in the exported file then import it again?

- On a computer, open the CSV file using Notepad.

- Click "File > Save As".

- In the dialog window that appears - select "ANSI" from the "Encoding" field. Then click "Save".

- That's all! Open this new CSV file using Excel - your non-English characters should be displayed properly.

If that does solve the issues, please try opening and editing the file only on Google Sheets as shown in the below link and then importing it back to Loyverse Back Office 

How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets

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